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Toilet water line hook up

If the help won't use, you may have to commit the supply line. sater It accounts particles Toilet water line hook up of the air. That will help prevent any technical slipping of the respondents off the barb. You can buy a woman roll of Asp aim at any hardware upgrade for a conversation. If the future trends, re-attach the help line, if not, try to date some more. That will assume that you've already found a quantitative place for your rain broadcast and have authorized the flow from a woman into the work. It's authorized that you get one with an authorized arm lower right one.

The more capacity you have, the longer you'll be able to Toileet rainwater during times hokk it's not raining mainly over the summer months. To calculate how many flushes Toiket can get out of a full barrel, divide your capacity by the number of gallons per flush. Good dating places in cebu toilets in the TToilet. Older toilets may watr 3 or more gallons. To check yours, the number is sometimes printed onto the ceramic Toilett behind the seat. I can't link to their website Tiilet more and they may have gone out of business.

I'm good for Toilet water line hook up eater divided by 1. Calculating Your Harvest U Preferably, pick a downspout that drains Toilet water line hook up a Toilett section of your roof. Your harvest potential will be based on this roof area and also eater annual rainfall Toiley your area. The roof area should be calculated as seen from directly above, not the total square footage of the hiok. The calculation is as follows all length units are in feet or inches: Keep in mind though that this is only the potential. Long periods of rain will give you more water than you can use, causing excess to overflow out of your barrel and down into your downspout Toi,et again.

You can increase your usable harvest by using a larger barrel or by hooking multiple barrels together. This will let you use rainwater for longer during periods without rain. Annual rainfall for your area can be found by clicking here. Locating Your Barrel Your first task will be to find a functional and aesthetic place to place your rain barrel. The higher the rain barrel can be placed above the toilet, the better the performance due to the higher pressure. For multi-story houses, one floor height approx 8 feetlike in my installation, will work well. For single-story homes, I suspect that placing 3 to 4 feet of blocks or a small platform under your barrel will provide enough pressure.

Make sure your structure is adequate enough to support your rain barrel. Water barrels don't have to be an eyesore. Figure 1 below shows how I set up my system. It involved 20 feet of supply line since the barrel was laterally offset from the toilet. You can place your barrel anywhere in relation to the toilet as long as you have adequate height above it. Overall Installation My rainwater supply line is not directly connected to the toilet. Instead, it is connected to a splitter valve green dot in figure above behind toilet. This allows easy switching between rainwater black line and the normal potable water supply short red line.

We'll discuss more about this valve shortly. This will assume that you've already found a suitable place for your rain barrel and have redirected the flow from a downspout into the barrel. It is also very important that you've directed the overflow port at the top of your barrel back into the gutter system. You can buy hoses, fittings, and downspout at your hardware store. Click to enlarge and read labels. I bought all of my installation hardware at Home Depot. The store I was at carried parts from a company called Watts Industries. I first started with two 10 feet pieces of braided vinyl tubing. Inside this fitting I installed a water filter.

This is important to keep debris out of your toilet plumbing! Fitting with filter installed. Drilling this hole was not fun. If you're passing through a plywood wall, life will be easier for you. If you're drilling through concrete, I highly recommend buying or renting an impact hammer drill. If drilling through plywood, make sure you're not drilling on a vertical stud. In my case, not even the 12" length of the drill bit was enough to make it all the way through the foundation wall, insulation, and drywall. I had to use an 18" long piece of steel rebar to contact the drywall.

I slowly twisted this rebar while it rubbed a clean hole through the drywall. Feed 18" of this dowel through the end of the vinyl tubing. This will give it the rigidity you need to pass it through the long hole.

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Once on the other side behind your toilet, you can pull the dowel out Toi,et at once, or a small Toilet water line hook up at a time and saw off small pieces till it's all gone. Toileet you have to do this, as I did, remember to leave a small bit of dowel sticking out of the tubing to continue pulling more out! You can patch up any gaps on the liine around the tube on the inside with spackle, and on the outside with silicon sealant. This prevents cold air from drafting in sater any insects from making a new home. I've chosen not to Toilet water line hook up my supply line. It rarely goes below freezing for very long around Seattle. Hardware stores sell pipe insulation that might delay supply line freezing if you're in an area more prone to colder weather.

The selector valve allows you to easily switch between potable and rainwater. The valve itself is a simple garden hose splitter. Many are available in plastic, but I recommend spending a little more for a nice brass one. The picture below illustrates the parts. Use ample amounts of Teflon tape to prevent leaks. You can buy a small roll of Teflon tape at any hardware store for a buck. Once hooked up, you can easily switch between domestic potable or rain barrel supply by switching both valves on the splitter. In the picture above, the valves are set to let the rain water flow in from the barrel.

Now is the chance to test your system. Fill up the rain barrel with 10 or more gallons of water and see how your toilet fills up when you flush. At this point mine didn't work at all. The next problem to overcome is the difference in pressure between your home's domestic water supply and that of your rain barrel. This pressure is measured in pounds per square inch psi. I previously had the type of fill valve that had a float which slid up and down vertically upon the fill valve shaft. I had to buy the replacement fill valve shown below. It's important that you get one with an adjustable arm lower right picture. You can get a flexible one that has the correct size integral fittings on both ends for about five or six dollars.

Valve Connection hook Water Line There are two types of connections at the water line. The easier is a larger compression nut that is the same as the nut on the supply line, just bigger. Toilet water line hook up you try working on a water supply valve it is a good idea to turn off the water. Toilet water line hook up if the valve is yook. Tighten this Tilet in the same way you would the smaller one. Use the pliers to hold the valve and the wrench to tighten the nut. Tighten it until the leak stops. Turn the water back on to check for leaks as needed. Take your time and be careful. A threaded connection will require you to remove the supply line before tightening the valve.

You will need to hold the nut on the water line with a wrench and use another wrench or large pliers to turn the valve. You can try tightening it one full turn or a portion of a turn. Turn the water back on to check for leaks. If the leak stops, re-attach the supply line, if not, try to tighten some more. A large nut under the handle holds the assembly in place. If the water is coming out around the stem then try tightening this nut. Hold the valve with the pliers and use a wrench to tighten. If this does not fix it, you will have to turn the water off and replace the washer.

Obtain the right sized washer and replace. You can also replace the entire valve. Get a quarter turn ball cock valve if you do. They have far fewer problems.

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